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Scotty Hart

Scotty Hart (aka Scott Hartill) has been breaking the rules and formats on Long Island radio for close to 40 years. While working fulltime in broadcast and cable television and managing his own radio operation here on Long Island, Scotty always found time to “play” radio part time on many Long Island radio stations.

Scotty has had the opportunity to open the microphone on 18 radio stations here on Long Island and around the country, some even legal. His fondest memories are from some past greats like working in the Wiseman’s “toy factory” at B103. Watching Jay Letterman down hundreds of aspirin while Scotty broke his format daily at Love 96.1. And finally learning and working through the years with his wildly energetic and enthusiastic radio mentor and hero Paul Sidney at Oldies 92.

When not at work, Scotty is a karate practitioner and student of “Shorin Ryu Karate Do International” (KIAI!) He is also engaged in road and mountain biking along with long hikes to anywhere. Not to forget he is a lifelong “Storm Chaser”.

Scotty is so excited to be part of JVC’s Big 98 and can’t wait to sneak behind the racks in engineering and turn the transmitter power up!


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